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Moving in Together with Your Partner? STOP! Ask These Questions First

So, you have a wonderful partner.

You love their company and are totally in love with them.

Are you two planning to move in together?

Having a great partner brings out one’s natural desire of leading a happy and blissful life together.

However, before you decide and move in together, you must discuss one of the most important aspects of living in together, the finances. It may be a sensitive topic, but money does play an important role in all relationships, and it is best that you get answers to the important questions before you make the big decision of moving in together.

Sit down with your partner. Be calm. And ask them these important questions.

1. What are Your Financial Goals?

Even though the answer to this question can be really broad, it gives you an idea about how compatible you two are when it comes to the finances. When you strike up a conversation about your financial goals, you will get to know which areas need attention.

2. Do You Have a Debt Repayment Plan?

Every person holds different opinions when it comes to dating someone with debt. It is a personal choice, but it is best to know where your partner stands in the world of finances. Debt can turn out to be a big deal breaker in some relationships. While it doesn’t matter what your view about all this is, it is best to know about the plan your loved has to take care of their debt.

3. What Are Your Career Goals?

How much you will earn in your lifetime is highly dependent on your career plans. Your career plans will determine how much you earn as a couple. Furthermore, if your companion has some goals that need investment, you two may be able to sit together and decide what can be done about it.

4. How Do You Spend Your Money?

Every person is different when it comes to spending their extra money. They have different ideas and different priorities. You will have your own and your partner will have their own spending habits. It is best to talk about it beforehand as it gives you an idea about their priorities. It also tells you if their spending habits and priorities comply with your own or not. It is important that both of you stay honest with each other when it comes to this question to avoid any problems later on.

Regardless of which stage your relationship is in, it is best to discuss these matters. This is because you two will be sharing many expenses together, and it is important to have a discussion on how they plan to manage their finances.

Don’t hurry with asking these questions.

Ask them when you think it is the right time.

But make sure you do so before you move in together